Ford GPA03972

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Hist.: Ex. Canadian Army GPA. W-398-QM-12937 D.o.d. 15 Dec. 1942. Can. reg.: unknown. This early GPA is used after the war as a snow plough.(USA nr. between 705956 and 705939) Front and rear partly cutted off. (see Bart Vanderveens Wheels & Tracks 11, page 43). Postwar hist.: Can. Army, Elliott Bros. Oshawa Ontario, Canada, bought after isue W&T 11, by mil.veh. collector in Holland. After several years bought by me for parts. The frame is again in original shape. Most body spare parts are now (nose-less hull with doors) in hands of GPA-owner Nils Broch in Norway. A good "Russian Army" GPA body, bought in Belgium is now waiting for compl. rest. to make the frame and other parts of my 2nd GPA floating again. According the serial list of Mithril, the "Russian" hull belongs to frame GPA # 6307.
(Page 43, Wheels & Tracks No.11) We discovered a real treasure cove in Ontario, Canada, when with Bill Gregg we visited the huge Elliot Brothers yard, partly comprising an overgrown swamp, at Newtonville, some 15 miles east of Osawa (where much of their stock originated from!). One of the biggest surprises was a Ford GPA, converted to a snowplough - correction - plow. The bow piece has been removed, as one of the photos shows, but the rear was still intact, albeit rather un-amphibious. Going by the licence plate (M 93-036 ? J.R.), it was last operational in 1977. The dash instruments has been replaced, in a very crude way, by a civvy type cluster, and an additional parking brake lever was installed to lift the blade. Alongside was a 1926 Buick, one of scores of such derelict in the Elliot yard.

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